Live a happy and healthy life!


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If you want to live a longer, healthier lifemake two friends and call them frequently! Researchers at Brigham Young University analyzed 150 studies and found that people with a strong social support network – meaning, they had a circle of close friends –saw measurable decreases in blood pressure, plus improved immunity… Which decreased their chances of dying from any cause by a whopping 50%. And the researchers say that’s just as big a boost in survival as quitting a pack-a-day cigarette habit.

Running water and going to the bathroom


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Why does the sound of running water make us have to pee? According to Mental Floss magazine – it’s the power of suggestion. Just like a dog can be trained to come running when he hears a bell – we’ve trained ourselves to associate the sound of flowing liquid with going to the bathroom.

If you’re feeling drained and on edge…


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wiggle your toes or drum your fingers for a minute. Stanford University scientists say the fine motor control involved in drumming or wiggling fingers and toes tells the brain to dial down the production of stress hormones. And those movements not only reduce anxiety by stimulating our nerves, they also increase activity among our disease-fighting white blood cells.

Will wiping off someone else’s can of soda before taking a sip help protect you from their germs?


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Yes and no. Dr. Tierno says a wipe-down will eliminate a lot of germ-tainted saliva. But even the best cleaning job could leave behind the germs that cause strep or the stomach flu. Plus, the liquid inside the can will already contain some mouth germs. So, unless you’re literally dying of thirst, it’s best to avoid sharing.

Having a baby is socially contagious!


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If one of your good friends gives birth, you’re more likely to become pregnant in the next two years. It’s due to “social contagion” – that’s the term psychologists use to describe how our friends’ behaviors and attitudes can influence our own behavior. And a study in the American Sociological Review found that one of the biggest predictors of when a woman will have her first child is when her friends start having children.

Laser printers and your health


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If you’d like to seriously improve your health, sit as far from your computer printer as possible. A report in the journal Environmental Science and Technology found one-third of laser printers studied emit ultrafine particles of toner dust……And when inhaled, those particles end up deep in the lungs, and increase our risk for asthma, respiratory problems, and diseases, like emphysema.

If you have bad breath…


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bad breath woman-wp

Put away the sugary mints and gum. That’s because the bacteria in our mouth feeds off sugar, so sugary mints or gum only add fuel to the stinky fire. Instead, stick to sugar-free mints or gum. And your best bet is something cinnamon-flavored. Because cinnamon-flavored products contain an organic compound called ‘cinnamaldehyde’ – which is a germ killer. So it doesn’t just cover up the stink – it removes the bacteria that created it.

Attention parents and grandparents…


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There’s a real danger we need to protect our kids and grandkids from: Getting thermal burns from hot playground equipment!

Every year, kids end up in the ER after getting scorched on metal slides or swings. But new statistics show that even playground equipment that’s NOT made of metal is responsible for one-third of all playground burns. Like with one boy in Texas, who slid down a plastic slide – and ended up in the ER with second-degree burns along the length of his back.

•When playground equipment was tested by ABC News, on an 80-degree day, the surface temperature of a metal slide was 126 degrees Fahrenheit… And paramedics say human skin begins to burn at 124 degrees.

Even worse than the slide was the playground’s blacktop – or asphalt playing surface – which was a roasting 132 degrees.

•And the rubber mats surrounding the playground equipment – which are designed to cushion a fall? They registered at 142 degrees – which is the same temperature as a fresh cup of hot coffee.

Forget getting a dermatologist to freeze off your warts.


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Duct tape is 25% more effective! According to the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, covering a wart with duct tape creates an air-tight environment… and something in the adhesive is toxic to warts. Simply cover with duct tape, and replace once a week until the wart disappears.

Boost your energy!


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Listening to birds chirp in the morning can boost our energy! So, open the windows, or take a walk first thing, and focus on the birds you can hear. According to Yale researchers, just 15 minutes of birdsong can boost energy levels by 25%… Because the happy sound registers in the brain’s frontal lobe, which produces energizing beta waves.


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