Are you taking the family to an amusement park?


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Know this: A new study found it’s not always the biggest and fastest rides we should worry about. More kids get hurt on smaller rides – and there are about 20 injuries a day, totaling over 4‑thousand a year. So which rides account for the most trips to the ER?

Bumper cars: 4% of injuries.
Roller coasters: 10%.
But carousels account for 21%!

Which explains why one-third of all kids injured are typically five, or younger. Something to keep in mind for your next trip to the amusement park.

That garlic is still good!


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Don’t toss your garlic bulbs when they start to sprout green shoots… because they’re just getting good. Older garlic has up to 46% more antioxidants than fresh ones. Because sprouting bulbs produce more of the antioxidants that prevent cell damage linked to heart disease. And sprouted garlic is perfectly safe to eat, and tastes just the same. So don’t toss older bulbsCook with them to stay healthy.

Don’t run and TEXT at the same time!


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It may seem obvious, but the journal PLOS One says runners who talk on the phone or check text messages don’t get a great workout. Their intensity drops off. So turn off notifications and silence incoming calls… And tune into your workout playlist, instead. Because runners listening to music enjoyed their workout more, ran faster, and burned more calories than those who totally unplugged.

Eating a little chocolate every day is GOOD for you – even if it’s milk chocolate.


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According to the journal Heart, people who eat 3.5 ounces of chocolate every day (that’s about 20 Hershey’s kisses) – dark or MILK chocolate – had a 14% lower risk of heart disease and a 23% lower risk of stroke than those who ate no chocolate.
Ounce for ounce, dark chocolate contains more antioxidants called flavonols – than any fruit or vegetable out there! And here’s what a good dose of flavonols will do for your health.
It improves the ability of blood vessels to expand and contract, which results in better blood flow to your hands, legs, and brain.
It helps the body regulate blood pressure.
A healthy dose of flavonols also decreases the stickiness of blood platelets – which reduces the risk of blood clots and stroke.
And it increases your ‘good cholesterol – which lowers your risk of a heart attack.
But since chocolate is still high in fat and calories, a couple of squares a day is plenty.

Are you getting enough sleep?


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Going to bed at 11:30pm instead of 10 is no big deal, right? Not so fast! It turns out, missing even 90-minutes of sleep for just one night can reduce your daytime alertness by as much as 32%. That’s enough to affect your memory, your thinking ability, and your safety on the job and on the road.

Are you really that hungry?


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Here’s the 5-second test to know whether you’re eating because you’re truly hungryor for emotional reasons. Simply ask yourself: “Am I hungry enough to eat steamed salmon right now?” If that doesn’t sound appealing, you’ve got a craving, not true hunger. That comes from nutritionist Melissa Hartwig. She says, since a boring protein doesn’t satisfy our typical cravings for sweet, salty or savory, it’s a dead giveaway. And if it IS just a craving, sip a mug of hot tea instead, which can help suppress the urge to eat.

Does your partner keep jabbing you with their elbow in the middle of the night to stop you from snoring?


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These moves from the journal Chest can help firm up your soft palate. If you do them 3 times a day, it’ll reduce snoring frequency by 36%

The first stop-snoring move: Press as much of your tongue as possible against the roof of your mouth 20 times.

Next: Push the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and slide it backwards 20 times.

Another stop-snoring exercise: Lift the back of the roof of your mouth like you’re sayingahfor the doctor – but do it with your mouth closed, 20 times.

Then try this: When you swallow, lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth while keeping the rest of your face relaxed.

Those exercises should reduce snoring.

If you’re juicing and drinking smoothies – you may also feel like you’re starving all the time!


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Here’s why, according to registered dietitian Beth Warren:
First: It’s because you’re not chewing anything. Liquid calories mess with the way we register fullness. Because chewing activates part of the digestive process. So if you’re sipping berries through a straw, you won’t have the same feeling of being satisfied as when you actually chew berries.
Also, we can drink faster than we can eat… Again, because there’s no chewing. But when we consume something faster, the brain doesn’t have time to register the “I’m full” signal. So you don’t feel full.

Is it time for a new razor?


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Here’s a gentle reminder to break out a new razor. Because with an old blade, you have to press harder or go over one area several times. And dermatology professor Dr. Mona Gohara says that’s a recipe for inflamed hair follicles…… also known as razor burn. Plus, broken skin is a perfect opportunity for infection to work its way in. So use a new razor every week.

If kale gives you the runs, there’s a reason.


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Actually two reasons. The first is the fiber. Kale has the insoluble kind, which means it doesn’t break downit passes right through you. The other reason is a carbohydrate it contains called raffinose. Our bodies can’t break that down either during digestion. That’s according to the Johns Hopkins Digestive Center. Instead, the fiber and raffinose go straight to your colon where they ferment and send you running for the restroom. So lay off the kale if you won’t be near a bathroom for a while – or you’re on a date.