Have you ever been more stressed out by a vacation than relaxed?


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It’s a “thing” – it’s called “Relaxation-induced anxiety.” The University of Cincinnati says it’s real and it’s pretty common. That’s because we live our lives at such a frantic pace, trying to sit still on vacation can feel unnatural. If that’s you, don’t plan massages and lazy beach daysplan some activities. Swim laps, try surfing, go for an excursion. You’ll get the endorphin fix you crave.

Instant mosquito repellent!


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There’s a reason window boxes are traditionally filled with marigolds and geraniums: Mosquitoes hate them! They contain oil that naturally repels mosquitoes. In fact, a few drops of geranium oil can keep mosquitoes away for 90 minutes. So why not plant some? They emit scent molecules that are effective within a 10-foot radius.

Don’t ever take these pills together:


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• First: Calcium supplements and antibiotics. Because the calcium stops your body from absorbing the antibiotic. You can still take calcium, just do it at least 3 hours before or after your antibiotic.

• Also, don’t combine antihistamines and antidepressants. It can cause extreme drowsiness. So if you have allergies and you’re on antidepressants, ask your doctor what pills can clear your sinuses and relieve watery eyes without the sedating effects.

• Lastly, ladies, if you’re on the Pill, steer clear of St. John’s Wort. It can make oral contraceptives less effective… Because it breaks down estrogen, increasing the odds you’ll get pregnant even if you’re on the Pill.

Choosing between OJ with or without pulp. Which is best?


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If you’re trying to decide between juice with pulp or withoutchoose “with!” Pulp in your juice is loaded with disease-fighting nutrients. For example, orange juice with pulp has 30% more anti-inflammatory properties – and cancer-fighting properties. That’s according to the food science department at Colorado State University. So if you can’t eat a real orange or a whole piece of fruit – 100% juice with pulp is the next best thing.

Coffee cake or biscotti?


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When you want something sweet with your coffee, which do you choose: Coffee cake or a couple biscotti? The biscotti wins! That’s according to registered dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner. She says, even though they’re made from the same basic ingredientsflour and sugar – the biscotti has half the calories and a‑third of the fat. The big difference is butteror a lack of it. Traditionally, biscotti is made without any butter or oil. That’s why they’re so hard and crispy. And if the biscotti has almonds, you just increased the antioxidants and protein.

Need a quick mood boost?


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Text a friend or loved one! Researchers at Loma Linda University found that regular text message conversations with friends and family are a huge mood booster. That’s because having support and encouragement at our fingertips triggers production of mood boosting brain chemicals. In fact, regularly sending and receiving text messages helped 72% of adult women feel less sad and overwhelmed.

Stress does more than make us crave comfort food – it can also change how our food tastes!


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A new study in the journal Neuroscience Letters found that our taste buds actually contain receptors for certain stress hormones. Which means, when we’re stressed, a cookie won’t taste as sweet, and a bowl of cheese doodles won’t be as satisfying – and we’ll end up craving even more. The fix? Munch on something crunchy AND healthy – like radishes or carrots. Studies show that can help reduce stress, because the act of crunching relieves tension in the jawbut the veggies won’t add many calories.

Water is more important than you might think.


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Does your brain sometimes feel foggy and unfocused? Drink a big glass of water! Research shows that dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, a lack of focus, and impaired memory. But drinking water can boost the flow of information between brain cells, improving focus and memory by 34%.

Here’s how to make sure your teeth are healthy…


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If you want to keep your teeth healthy, make sure your dentist knows what medications you’re taking. Dr. Reid Blackwelder is with the American Academy of Family Physicians. He says drugs like antihistamines, antidepressants and blood pressure meds can slow the production of saliva. And a dry mouth allows bacteria and plaque to build up faster, which can raise your risk for gum disease. So, knowing what meds you’re taking can help your dentist better protect your teeth and gums.

To live longer: Eat nuts.


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A recent study from Harvard found people who ate nuts daily were up to 20% less likely to die of cancer, heart disease and respiratory disorders. Researchers say it’s down to the fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and plant sterols in nuts. So,unless you’re allergic, eat a handful of unsalted walnuts, almonds, or peanuts every day.