I’ve got a couple of quick tricks to help age-proof your brain.


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•First: Go shopping! Several studies show that shopping gets your mind and body movingboth of which benefit the brain.

•The second way to age-proof your brain: Watch something funny. According to research at Stanford University, hearing a joke engages most of the major regions of your brain. And the more you use your gray matter, the healthier it stays over time.

Do you drink Oolong tea?


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If it’s tea time, choose Oolong tea. This Chinese staple can keep your cholesterol in check, aid digestion and increase metabolism. In one study, people who sipped oolong tea lost a pound a week without changing anything else!

Brushing doesn’t only keep your teeth clean…


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You can stop your worries cold – simply by brushing your teeth!
Clinical psychologists say that brushing your teeth instantly stimulates most of your senses…… Including taste, smell, touch and hearing. In fact, the act is so distracting, it interrupts the worry cycle. Plus, the minty scent increases production of calming beta brainwaves.

Got the urge for a late-night snack? Stop and think first.


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Here’s something to keep in mind when a late-night snack attack strikes. The food we eat fuels the hours aheadNot the hours that have passed. So even if you haven’t eaten all day – and you make a big plate of pasta at 9pm at night – unless you’re staying up and being active for the next 5 or 6 hours, you won’t burn as much of it for fuel and you’re more likely to gain weight. So we want to do the majority of our eating when we’re active…That way, we’ll process the food we eat most efficiently. So when you eat, matters as much as what you eat.

Eat cilantro for energy.


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To feel energized fast, add cilantro to your next meal. One tablespoon of fresh cilantro is enough to increase energy within 20 minutes. That’s because cilantro has properties that help our muscles and brain process glucose for fuel. The result is instant energy.

If you’re prone to migraines, you may want to try meditation!


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Because 30 minutes of daily meditation has been shown to shorten migraines by a mega 3 hours! That’s according to Wake Forest School of Medicine. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a solid 30 minutes Ohm-ing…You can spread it out.  One of the easiest ways is to incorporate meditation into things you’re already doing. For example, when you’re brushing your teethhave a moment of mindfulness. Focus on the taste of the toothpaste, the sensation of brushing, the sound it makes. You can also have a mini-meditation while you’re eating – focus on the smell, taste and texture of your food. Do that 30 minutes a day, and you’ll really cut down on migraine pain.

We all should laugh more!


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One minute of laughing is the equivalent of 10 minutes of cardioas far as your blood vessels are concerned. Because when we’re laughing, our blood vessels can widen by up to 50% – compared to when we’re stressed. That’s the same result we get from a cholesterol-controlling prescription – or 10 minutes of exercise. And that’s why laughter can help protect against heart disease.


Here’s a human food that’s healthy for dogs:


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Sardines – which are packed with Omega-3s. A study of arthritic adult dogs found that Omega-3s helped improve their movement and boosted their ability to perform everyday activities, like walking and climbing stairs. Just be sure to remove the bones from freshly cooked fish before you feed them to your dog. If you use canned sardines, buy the tins packed in spring water. Avoid the brine or oil type.

What’s the best way to dry your hands in a public restroom?


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The jet-air hand dryers in public bathrooms spread nearly 5 times more germs into the air than traditional air hand-dryers – and 27 times more than paper towels! That’s according to the Journal of Hospital Infection. And since 95% of people don’t wash up sufficiently after using the bathroom, those turbo-charged dryers are spraying things like E. coli and norovirus all over the place. So what can you do if it’s the jet-powered hand dryer or nothing? Grab a seat protector on your way out of the stall and dry your hands on that.

Relax for 60 seconds


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When we’re stressed and frazzled, it triples our risk of being dragged down by a bad mood. That’s according to Yale University. But we can turn those negative feelings around just by touching something soft. Neurology professor Dr. Paul Zak says, try this: Relax for 60 seconds, and run your fingers acrosssoft sweater, blanket, or even the soft fur of your cat. The sensation of something cozy touching our skin produces a spike in mood-boosting oxytocin – which can beat back a bad mood.


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