Don’t touch those magazines on your next flight!


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When you’re on a plane, beware of the in-flight magazines in the seatback pocket! An Auburn University study found that bacteria can survive in seatback pockets for up to a week. And the magazines found there? Thousands of people touch them, they’re never cleaned – and only changed out once every three months when they’re replaced.

So bring your own reading material!

Do you use Facebook & Twitter? Here’s a helpful tip:


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If you want an emotional boost from Facebook or Twitter, check your feed on a bright, sunny day. More negative posts pop up on rainy days and at night, because that’s when we tend to feel more emotional and down in the dumps.

If you can’t sleep because your partner snores, try this tip from the Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine:


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Pretend your partner’s snoring is a white noise machine. Here’s the technique: Focus on your senses by feeling the heft of your comforter… The firmness of the mattress… and absorbing the darkness of the room. Then visualize yourself in a setting that has a similar rhythmic sound as snoring – like ocean waves crashing. By associating the snoring with something relaxing, it can help you fall asleep.

You know that super-fashionable high ponytail trend that you’re seeing everywhere?


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Well experts say be careful, because it may cause bald patches!

The hairstyle requires you to wear your hair tightly pulled back. And if you do that on a regular basis, it can lead to what’s called traction alopecia… Basically when something is pulling on your hair, it causes it to weaken at the root and fall out.

It won’t happen if you only wear that style once a week. But if it’s your go-to look 3 or 4 days a week… Or you wear your hair in a high ponytail to sleep or workout, that could be a problem. Because exercising and the constant motion can put even more strain on your hair. And sleeping with you hair that way can put a lot of friction on it as you toss and turn at night. So switch up the height of your ponytail. And experts say, if you wear your hair up to workout or sleep, make sure it’s in a loose ponytail.

When it comes to oral health, remember the number “4”


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That’s the number of NEW toothbrushes you should buy every year. One for each season. According to the USC School of Dentistry, after 3 months the bristles are too worn down to clean your teeth effectively and remove plaque. Plus, by that point, your toothbrush is crawling with germs. And if you’ve been sick, swap out your toothbrush if it’s in a holder where it could touch another family member’s toothbrush. Because you won’t re-infect yourself – but your germs could get transferred to someone else’s toothbrush.

Are you having trouble getting to sleep?


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Maybe you’re emotionally wound up from watching the nightly news – or a gripping TV show. Try this: Read the most boring thing you can find. Sleep medicine specialist Dr. Christopher Winter calls it an anti-page-turner. Remember how you used to have to fight to keep your eyes open during reading assignments in school? That same impulse can help you fall asleep now, because reading helps the brain relax. It’s down to the repetitionpage after page, line after line – which distracts you from thoughts that can keep you awake.

When it comes to exercise, running is one of the top calorie-blasters.


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But some exercises do even more:

…Like indoor rowing. It burns two calories more per hour than running. Plus, it uses the muscles in your legs, back, arms and core.

Next: Burpees torch 4 more calories per minute than running. But you need to blast out 10 in a minute.

One final exercise that burns more calories than running: Jumping rope. Plus, it uses more muscle groups than jogging, and improves your balance, and coordination.

Fight off Alzheimer’s with exercise!


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By the time you reach your 40sget in shape. Being in good physical shape at mid-life makes you 36% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s later. That’s because exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which helps prevent dementia. But you need to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week.

Here’s one way your dog can make you instantly happy!


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For an instant happiness boost: Gaze into your dog’s eyes. It floods your brain with oxytocin, the feel-good cuddle hormone… and it does the same for your dog. That strengthens your bond and makes you both happier.
This may work with cats and other animals too! Try it and let me know.

A messy kitchen can make people eat more.


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Cornell University found that people ate TWICE as many cookies in a messy kitchen, compared to a tidy one. That’s because visual clutter raises our stress levels. And when we’re stressed, we’re more likely to turn to unhealthy snacks for comfort – like cookies. So, the first step to taking control of your diet may be to clean up the kitchen.