What’s the absolute best snack you can eat on the job?


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Walnuts! That’s according to Dr. Lenore Arab, a disease prevention expert at UCLA. Walnuts also have a good dose of healthy fatty acids – that improve your metabolism and help you feel full. But on top of all that, a big reason why walnuts make a good WORK snack is because of how they affect the brain. According to Dr. Arab’s research, people who eat walnuts outperform non-walnut-eaters in terms of memory, concentration, and “information processing speed.” All you need are 6 or 7 walnuts a day to get a mental edge over your coworkers and improve your overall health.

Get up and stretch your legs!


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According to the Mayo Clinic, we sit for 10 hours a day. And that not only slows our metabolism to a crawl – and raises our risk for blood clots – it also makes our rear-ends bigger! Because it causes the soft tissue in the behind to spread out in 3 directions. Imagine squishing play-doh with your palm and you get the idea. And when the cells in your rear have all that pressure put on them, they respond by generating more lipids – also known as fat! To avoid that, stand up and move every hour for at least 2 minutes.

Here’s an odd way to improve your workout:


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Swish some minty mouthwash before your next run! That’s according to the Scandinavian Journal Of Medicine. They found that runners who gargled with minty mouthwash before exercising were able to go faster than those who drank an icy cold sports drink. The researchers think it works because the minty menthol makes you feel cool all over, psychologically. And that reduces feelings of dryness and thirst that can slow runners down. So maybe swig from a mini-bottle of mouthwash before your next 5K.

Put your phone on silent!


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One of the most stressful things we hear all day is our cell phone ring. In fact, studies show it’s as stressful as a parent hearing a baby cry. And it triggers our stress response, instantly. So unless you’re expecting an important call, put your phone on silent.

If you’re a coffee addict…


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you can blame your parents for giving you the coffee-loving gene. Harvard researchers say the difference between someone who sips a single cup of coffee in the morning, and someone who guzzles 4 cups, is genetic. The Harvard team says there’s a cluster of genes that regulate how we react to caffeine. It’s why some people feel buzzed and happy – and others feel sick to their stomach. In fact, the genes that influence our coffee consumption are as strong as the ones that influence how we react to alcohol and cigarettes.

Avoid over-exercise!


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Spending hours on the elliptical, for example, keeps levels of the stress-hormone cortisol elevated, and boosts fat storage. So, try interval training…That’s short bursts of intense exercise, followed by quick cool-downs. Like, running flat-out for 30 seconds, then jogging for two minutes to recover. Research at the University of Western Australia found that 15 to 20 minutes of intervals burned enough calories to help overweight dieters lose a‑pound a week…While 40 minutes of steady exercise resulted in NO weight loss.

Sugar vs Artificial Sweetener


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Be careful replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. They’re MUCH sweeter than sugar, and can increase cravings, and trigger overeating. It’s better to eat some REAL sugar and FAT, even unhealthy saturated fat. Because both of those leave us feeling more satisfied than the fake stuff.

Here’s a quick cure if you’re feeling nauseous:


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Sniff some citrus, like a lemon wedge. The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation says it can calm a queasy stomach in a minute… Because the scent goes right to the brain’s nausea center and calms it down. You can also sip some hot water with lemon. Lemon juice contains a compound which triggers white blood cells to attack invading germs. So, if there’s bad bacteria in your gut, your white blood cells will tamp it down.

Are you getting enough exercise at work each day?


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After you eat lunch at your desk – take a walk. Research from the University of Birmingham shows a 30-minute post-lunch walk immediately improves stress levels, energy and productivity. And you don’t have to power-walk…going whatever pace you want will do the trick.

Don’t feel guilty about pampering yourself…


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or having some “me” time. Because a new study finds that feeling worn out and run down increases the chances you’ll have your first heart event by 36%. To cancel out that risk, you need to find a way to care for yourself every day – whether it’s making time for a workout, coffee with a friend, or even a few minutes to read a book for pleasure. Doing that daily can prevent anxietyisolation and depression – and improve your heart health as a result.


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