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What’s the #1 thing that inspires people to lose weight? How good they’ll feel afterward? Buying new clothes? Feeling less self-conscious? Nope… According to a survey of 2,000 women trying to lose weight, the #1 thing that inspires people is: Seeing before-and-after photos online! The survey was conducted by Slimming World, which is a weight-loss organization. They found 70% of the women surveyed were inspired by things they saw on social media – from workout videos, to seeing other people who’ve transformed their bodies, to following fitness influencers who share motivational tips every day. But the #1 source of inspiration was before-and-after transformation photos. 91% of the women who used social media said before-and-after photos helped them realize it’s possible to reach their goals. The Slimming World survey also found that people trying to lose weight love the positive community they can find on social media. 87% of the women surveyed said that being part of a group going through the same thing helped them stay accountable. 

Before-and-after photos… Powerful inspiration.

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