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Here’s a list of things you may not know about public pools and swimming that come directly from trained lifeguards:

First: “Floaties” don’t really keep kids safe. In fact, the inflatable belts some kids wear can just as easily hold them upside down in water as right side up! And floaties on their arms are useless if their head’s underwater! In other words: Lifeguards say there’s no replacement for watching your kids at all times, and teaching them basic water safety.

Next: You should NEVER be able to smell the chlorine. It either means pool maintenance used too much chlorine, or somebody had an “accident” in the pool. Either way, chlorine odors can cause coughing, burning eyes and nausea. So, leave the water ASAP if you experience those symptoms.

One more thing lifeguards want you to know about water safety: Pool rules exist for a reason. It turns out, most injuries in public swimming pools are not caused by drowning. Instead, they’re caused by people running and slipping on wet tiles, or jumping on top of other swimmers. 

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