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If you want bigger muscles and a stronger body, you don’t need to bench 250-pounds to see results. If all you can do is more repetitions with 2, 3, or 4-pound hand weights, that’s good enough – and you’ll still see great results. 

That’s according to new research from McMaster University in Ontario. 

The researchers found that test subjects who increased their repetitions, to as many as 25 per set, with lighter weights, saw the same results for definition and muscle size as people who lifted much heavier weights only 8 times.

Kinesiology professor Stuart Phillips says, as long as you lift until your muscles are exhausted, you’ll gradually get stronger, no matter how light or heavy the weight is. Dr. Phillips says this study may help those who are new to weight training – and intimidated by it – or people who tend to get injured using heavier weights. So remember, more reps, lighter weights, and you’ll see the same results. 

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