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Environmental experts at the Vancouver School of Economics analyzed a BILLION tweets, comparing temperatures, and the use of positive and negative words and emojis. The result: Going from a mild 70-degrees to hot 90-degrees causes the same happiness dip we experience going from a relaxing Sunday to back to work on Monday. And when the temperature tops 100 degrees, people are 3 TIMES unhappier than when the weather’s cold. So why are we more irritable when it’s hot out? First, because high temperatures increase our heart rate, testosterone, and other metabolic reactions that trigger our stress response. Also, psychologically, hot weather makes us feel out of control. Because if it’s cold you can wear more layers… but, when it’s hot, after a certain point, you can’t remove any more clothing to cool down. And when we feel we have no control, it makes us stressed out, anxious, and irritable. 

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