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You may not even be aware of it, but psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell says YES! Here are a few of the things that can bring you down – and what to do about them.

#1: Family heirlooms. Dr. Bartell says we feel guilty getting rid of them because they’re supposed to hold memories. But instead, they can weigh us down emotionally and cause physical clutter. So, Dr. Bartell says, let those things go. Ask another family member if they want it. If not – and it’s not “Antiques-Roadshow”-worthy – get rid of it. 

What else could be bumming you out in your own home? Heavy drapes! Their physical weight and the way they block light can make a home feel old, sad, and tired. 

Finally, old paperwork can make us depressed. It’s a constant reminder of bills and obligations. So shred anything you don’t need, and make a point of filing things away. That way, the sight of paperwork won’t drag you down emotionally.

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