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That’s a mash-up of the words flying and migraines… and a lot of people experience head pain on flights because of changes in the cabin pressure. That can result in sinus inflammation, which can trigger intense pain around your eyes and in your nasal cavity. Neurologists have classified it as a “peculiar headache” – because it occurs only on planes, and usually lasts less than an hour. It typically flares up as the plane approaches an airport for landing.

If you’re prone to fly-graines, take an N‑SAID, like Advil or Aleve, or an aspirin, 30 minutes to an hour before landing. You can also chew gum, or pace up and down the aisles to improve your circulation, which can make the pain dissipate faster. 

One more solution: Use a nasal decongestant spray to open up your sinuses so they depressurize faster. 

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