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Are you among the 70% of people who have trouble sleeping at least once a week? Here’s a bizarre trick to try: Wear amber-tinted glasses a couple of hours before you go to bed. Because they’ll block out the blue light from computers, phones, and TV screens that stops production of sleep-inducing melatonin.

Columbia University Medical Center researchers had insomniacs wear amber-tinted glasses for two hours before bed every night for a week. Glasses that blocked 65% of the blue light, but left other wavelengths relatively untouched. Study participants also wore activity trackers that recorded the times they were asleep. The result: Those wearing amber glasses slept 30-minutes longer, woke up feeling more refreshed, AND got more solid sleep, with less tossing and turning.

Lead researcher Dr. Ari Schechter says, let’s be real… most people won’t give up their electronic devices before bedtime, so this may be the solution. Want to give amber-colored glasses a try? Just go on Amazon, and search for “blue-block glasses.” You can find some for $10 bucks. Try ‘em for two hours before bed every night.

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