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Even though it’s springtime, it’s still chilly in some areas. So here’s the scenario: You’ve thrown on extra layers and turned up the thermostat, yet you STILL can’t stop shivering. What do you do?

Try Ujjayi breathing, an ancient yoga technique known as “victorious breath.” Basically, it involves taking slow, deep breaths through your nose, with your mouth CLOSED. Some practitioners also recommend focusing on the sound of air passing slowly through your nose, which can sound like ocean waves crashing on a beach!

So, how does Ujjayi breathing stop the shivering? Researchers say air passing through small nostrils creates more friction than through a wider throat and generates extra heat in your lungs, so you feel warmer. And the “ocean waves” sounds help anchor the mind in a way proven to promote calmness. For best results, take at least 15 slow, deep breaths through your nose.

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