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Here’s a scary statistic: 53% of children and teens charge their phone or tablet at night on their bed or under their pillow. And that could start a fire! That’s according to the Newtown, New Hampshire Fire Department.

Because the heat generated by the charging device can’t dissipate. So the charger, the connection, and the device just get hotter and hotter. The likely result is the pillow or bed will catch fire. According to the latest Hartford Home Fire Index, overall, the act of charging a phone overnight is considered a ‘moderate risk’ for causing a fire. Meaning if you’re charging it overnight on the kitchen counter, for example. But the Fire Index says charging a phone overnight on your bed is HIGH risk, just like leaving the stovetop on in your kitchen, or a candle burning in an unoccupied room.

So be warned: Don’t charge your phone overnight on your bed or under your pillow.

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