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…but the woman in your life may think otherwise. George Preti is an organic chemist with the Monell Chemical Sciences Center. He says, a woman’s hormones give her a sharper sense of smell – and biologists think it’s because women need it to subconsciously sniff out a mate’s genes, so they can produce healthy offspring. But on a day-to-day basis, it means a little bit of B.O. will be noticed by a woman faster than a man. And a woman may pick up on odors a man doesn’t even detect. And don’t bother trying to body spray your way out of it! Dr. Preti says, when they tested 32 different fragrances in an effort to mask odor – only 2 of them fooled women. The men who were tested? They were fooled by 19 of the scents! So, guys, if you’re deciding whether or not to shower before your date – shower. A woman can smell body odor a mile away.

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