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Here’s a relatively cheap way to drastically reduce your risk of skin cancer: Pop a vitamin B3 supplement. The University of Sydney found a derivative of B3, nicotinamide, can prevent up to a quarter of non-melanoma skin cancers.

Nicotinamide is the water-soluble, active form of vitamin B3. It’s also commonly found in meat, fish, nuts and mushrooms.

And in a study of nearly 400 people, those who took the B3 supplement slashed their risk of developing basal and squamous cell carcinomas by nearly 25%. And those two types of skin cancers account for 80% of ALL skin cancer cases. The study used a 500‑milligram supplement – but talk to your doctor about it first. And make sure you’re taking the active form of B3 with nicotinamide. That’s what turns off cancer-causing pathways.

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