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Grab a glass of MINT iced tea. You know we’re big fans of drinking tea in general… because whether it’s iced or hot, tea’s full of antioxidants proven to boost immune function, and even slow the growth of cancer tumors. But if your goal is to cool down, adding mint to iced tea is the way to go. First, because the menthol in mint stimulates sensory neurons, which MAGNIFIES the cooling sensation we feel. In turn, psychologist Dr. Bryan Raudenbush says mint tea stimulates our alertness and energy – which explains why athletes who drank mint tea before a workout felt motivated to exercise longer and harder than those who drank water.

And as a bonus, mint tea can even help us lose weight. In a study, volunteers who sniffed peppermint before meals ate 400 fewer calories per day… which is enough to lose about a pound a week!

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