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So how do you know if they’ll work for YOU? Take one for 20 minutes, and see how you feel when you wake up. UC Riverside psychology professor Dr. Sara Mednick says if you wake refreshed, you’re one of the 45% of adults who’ll enjoy clearer, more creative thinking, and sharper motor skills after napping. But if you wake up groggy, naps just aren’t your thing and they NEVER will be! Dr. Mednick says the ability to wake up energized can’t be learned. It’s in your DNA. And you’re either wired to benefit from naps or you’re not! And if you’re a habitual napper who takes at least a couple naps a week, you can’t STOP! Because if you decrease the amount of sleep you’re getting – including those naps – your thinking and motor skill function will go down the tubes. It’s a huge productivity killer.

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