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Scientists say: Propane has the edge. Here’s why… In studies, meat grilled over charcoal contained more carcinogens – or cancer-causing compounds – than meat grilled over propane flames. That’s because when fat drips from the meat, it creates a toxic smoke that coats what you’re cooking. And charcoal makes more smoke than propane. Plus, charcoal burns hotter – so there’s more char on the meat, which is also carcinogenic. Now, a propane grill isn’t harmless, it’s just less harmful. So to make any cookout healthier, trim the fat off your meats, so there are fewer drippings. Next: Marinate your meat before cooking. By soaking burgers, chicken or steaks in a marinade of lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, and herbs, you can cut the formation of cancer-causing compounds by 90%. Finally, flip your burgers more often. That also reduces the amount of carcinogens that form.

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