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You know those trampoline parks that are opening all over the place, with wall-to-wall trampolines? Approximately 6 new ones open each month! But they’re a hotbed of injuries! That’s according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Last year alone, nearly 7-thousand kids wound up in the emergency room due to trampoline parks. And in the last 5 years – since trampoline parks started becoming a “thing” – the injury rate has risen 12-fold! Now, backyard trampolines are still the biggest risk… with over 90-thousand injuries in a single year and 92% of those injuries are among kids, age 16 and younger. That’s why ER physician Dr. Katherine Van Zandt says parents need to be more aware. She says, most parents have no idea how often trampoline injuries occur – and how severe they are. Trauma expert Dr. Craig Cook says trampoline injuries are often similar to what you’d see in a high-speed car crash. And 75% of injuries occur when at least two people are jumping on the same trampoline.

Also, if there’s a size difference – like an adult and a child – the smaller person is 14 times more likely to be significantly hurt than the larger one. Something to consider before you put a trampoline in your backyard or send your kid to another birthday party at a trampoline park.

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