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38% of people surveyed say they’ve had a panic attack. So what should you do if you have one? Well, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine says most panic attacks are over within 10 minutes. And here’s what to do during that time, according to psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. She recommends finding a quiet room where you can breathe slowly and calm down. By moving to a new location, your brain will feel like it’s satisfied part of its stress responseby fleeing. It’ll think you’ve escaped danger and that’ll dial down the panic reaction. Then try repeating a calming mantra. Dr. Lieberman suggests something like, “This is harmless. This will be over soon.” If you’re hyperventilating – do the ol’ breathing into a paper bag trick. It rebalances the gases in your bloodstream. You can also try putting your head between your knees to get your blood flowing to your brain. And if panic attacks happen regularly, talk to a therapist who can help you cope.

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