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Even if you hate to exercise, and avoid it like the plague, you can still get motivated to get moving. How? By finding something, anything about it that interests you. For example, think about the conversation you might get into with the person on the treadmill next to you. Or the new move you’ll learn in cardio dance class.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that when people in a study group were told they could take the elevator or the stairs but that there was a rare painting on the landing two floors up, 10% more people took the stairs instead of the elevator. The reason? The researchers believe it’s because we don’t like unresolved mysteries. So our curiosity pushes us to follow through on actions that require willpower. And they believe that knowing this, we can use it on ourselves to boost our willpower, and get more exercise. They suggest that while you’re deciding whether or not to go to the gym, think about the interesting things you might learn, or what might happen, while you’re at the gym. That could be all the motivation you need to get there.

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