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Your favorite caffeinated beverage could help you stay younger – and healthierlonger! That’s according to Dr. David Furman, director of the Stanford Institute for Immunity and Infection.

He and his research team studied chronic inflammation – which gradually increases as we age. It’s linked to almost every single big-time disease, including heart problems, cancer, joint disorders and Alzheimer’s. And in the study, the participants with the lowest levels of inflammation – at any age – had one surprising thing in common: They all drank caffeinated beverages. And the more caffeine they consumed – up to 5 cups of coffee a day – the lower their inflammation levels… and the less likely they were to have symptoms of worsening health, like high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries.

So, why is caffeine such an effective anti-inflammatory? Because it greatly reduces activity along the body’s inflammatory gene pathway – and helps short-circuit the normal body-wide inflammation linked to aging.

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