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You know how pro athletes visualize themselves sinking a putt – or hitting a home run – and it can help them achieve those results in real life? Well, we can use visualization to manage our emotions, too. Dr. Stephan Kosslyn is a neuroscientist, and he says, imagining yourself doing something strengthens the connection between the body and the brain. So, let’s say every time your boss talks to you it makes you so anxious you can hardly think straight. Try this: Picture an encounter with the boss. Hear her condescending voice, picture how she stands, and the way she looks at you over the rim of her glasses. The point is to trigger your anxious response – and then breathe deeply and slowly and calm yourself down. Practice that trick half a dozen times – and the next time your boss says, “Come to my office I want to have a word with you,” your body and brain will be primed to stay cool, calm and collected.

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