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They come from clinical psychologist Jean Kristeller, who wrote “The Joy of Half A Cookie.”

Dr. Kristeller says, first: Relish the first bite of anything delicious. The first bite is always the best. And taste buds get fatigued after just a few bites. So savor the first bite to eat more mindfully. You’ll enjoy the flavor more – and need less food to feel satisfied.

Next, don’t think about what you CAN’T havefocus on what you CAN. So, instead of thinking “I can’t have French fries.” Think: “I get to have these delicious, fresh vegetables!” That simple switch changes your mindset from deprivation to indulgence.

Finally, to get on a healthy eating plan, ditch anything “enriched” and just eat the real thing. Foods are only enriched when the nutrients are removed – or nonexistent – due to processing, and need to be added back in. So instead of eating foods enriched with vitamins – eat foods that are loaded with vitamins in their natural state.

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