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Time to get a little personal about bathroom behavior… and this is important.

So, here’s the scenario… You go to the restroom at work – and all the stalls are occupied but one. You turn around and head back to your desk because there’s no way you’re going number 2 in a crowded bathroom right?
So, is it a problem to “hold it”? Internist Dr. Keri Peterson says it’s not a great idea. If you feel the urge to go and ignore it, it can cause chronic constipation and that can lead to other more serious problems. Let’s just leave it at that. So what can you do if you’re, how should we say it… poop-shy?

Dr. Peterson recommends exercising in the morning. That usually will move things along in your intestine so you go to the bathroom before work. Also, make sure your dinner has plenty of fiber. It’ll not only help you sleep better – but you will likely wake up with the urge to go.

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