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We always hear talk about how GREEN juices are the healthiest. But when it comes to getting fit, here’s why sipping certain RED juices may be better:

First: Drinks containing BEET juice can give you more endurance. That’s according to registered dietician Lauren Slayton. She says beets are high in nitrates that are linked to better blood flow… Which helps your body use oxygen more efficiently, so you can exercise longer, or even faster, with less fatigue. Slayton says you can get the benefits by chopping up three beets, and juicing them with a squeeze of lemon.

Next, adding red RASPBERRIES to your smoothies can help you burn more fat. They contain ketones, which trigger the body to produce a hormone that breaks down fat cells faster than normal.

Finally, remember that after a tough workout, red TOMATO JUICE is the ideal recovery drinkTomatoes are high in potassium, which our muscles need to prevent cramping and spasms. But we lose potassium during exercise. So, aim to have a serving of tomato juice after every workout.

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