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It’s Winter. Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur says acne gets worse in Winter – and it’s down to the dry weather. She says cold outside air has significantly less moisture than the warm or hot air from Spring and Summer. Combine that with windy conditions, and your skin is stripped of natural fats and oils. Those oils usually act as a barrier, keeping bacteria out – and holding moisture in. So without them, it’s a lot easier for dirtpollution and bacteria to access our pores. The next thing you know: Hello, zits! Another problem in winter are the hot showers we love. They also strip skin of its natural moisture. Add to all of that a dirty scarf rubbing against your chin – and it’s a recipe for skin flare-ups. So wash your scarf once a week, try to take lukewarm showers, and moisturize your skin more in winter than any other season to avoid breakouts.

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