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Here are 2 possible reasons:

Mistake #1: You eat back all the calories you burned — and then some. That’s a symptom of “runger” – the hunger you feel after a big workout or long run. To avoid runger, have a small snack 30 minutes before your workout. Something low-fat and high-carb – like graham crackers with a teaspoon of honey. That’ll digest easily and give you instant energy. Then, an hour after your run or workout, have only protein and healthy fats. That’ll keep you feeling full, so you won’t overeat.

Another reason you can’t seem to lose weight – even though you’re working out: You love “sports foods.” All those gelschewsand drinks that supposedly energize and hydrate you are unnecessary – unless you’re exercising more than 75 minutes or doing a particularly insane workout. Because sports foods have the caloriesugarand fat content of candy bars. So unless you’re training for the ironmanstick to plain old water to rehydrate.

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