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Walk for an hour a day. A study from France found that 4 to 7 hours of activity per week decrease your breast cancer risk by 31%Increase the intensity and power-walk, and you’ll reduce your risk even more. Because working out harder burns more fat… which reduces your body’s excess estrogen output. And excess estrogen is linked to breast cancer, because it helps cancer cells grow.

Sip tea with every meal. Black and green teas contain plant compounds that fight cancer. But they only stay in your system for 8 hours – so you need to keep topping up with tea.

One more way to reduce your breast cancer risk: Eat this for a snack – a pear and half-a-cup of peanuts. That’s half the amount of soluble fiber you need in a day. It helps to keep your insulin in check – and high insulin may double your risk of breast cancer.

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