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Antifreeze has an ingredient – called ethylene glycol – that’s highly toxic for pets, but it also smells sweet, which makes it attractive to animals. So make sure you store antifreeze in a tightly sealed container in an area your pets can’t get to – like a locked storage shed. And watch your pets when they’re near driveways or puddles that may contain spilled antifreeze. If you think your pet may have come in contact with antifreeze, call animal poison control immediately.

As far as de-icers, they’re made in different ways. Some can cause sore paws or even intestinal illness. So, if you use it, look for a brand that says it’s safe for pets…and put booties on dogs when walking in areas that may have been treated. Because if a pet licks their paws after walking on rock salt or de‑icing solutions, they could be poisoned.

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