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Make sure they can’t access any cleaning suppliesor get under the sink where you may keep chemicals. Because 1-year-olds are more likely to suffer permanent eye damage from chemical burns than people of any other age! That’s according to the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Previously researchers thought young adults were most at risk of eye damage from splashing chemicals, due to their workplace environments. But a 1-year-old is twice as likely to suffer eye burns as an adult. And babies are 13 times more likely to suffer eye damage than 7-year-olds. Chemical burns are the worst type of eye injury you can get… Because the longer the chemical is in the eye, the more likely it is to result in permanent damage. And babies are most likely to grab a spray bottle of cleaner. They get fascinated with the spray mechanism. The good news is – this is completely preventable by putting cleaning supplies on a high shelf – or locking them up.

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