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Well, your dog wants one, too! And it can be really good for them.
Massaging can relieve anxiety and lower stress levels in anxious dogs. So, massage your dog’s head, neck and tips of the ears with light pressure, and a slow but consistent pace.
For digestive issues: Massage your dog’s back and belly. That’ll help your dog’s stomach muscles relax, and reduce gas and bloating.
And for older dogs, massaging their back legs can help reduce stiffness and improve flexibility.
Overall, vets say that massage stimulates circulation and lowers tension so effectively, that a lot of them use massage to calm dogs after surgery. And it’s easy to give your dog a calming massage at any time, whether they’re standing, sitting or lying down. Just use the “zigzag touch.” Simply spread your fingers wide, and make zigzags along your dog’s sides, between the hips and shoulders.

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