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I have the latest research on the benefits of having a beard:

First: They prevent blemishes. Dr. Shannon Trotter is a dermatologist who says a lot of the rashes and acne that guys get are the result of shaving… Because when you drag a razor across your face – day after day – it irritates the skin in a way that spreads bacteria, and triggers infections, redness and dryness.

Also, Having a beard is like wearing built-in sunscreen. A recent study found that beards block anywhere from 50% to 95% of the sun’s UV rays. Which is almost the equivalent of wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30. That means a beard – in addition to wearing sunscreen – can play a key role in preventing skin cancer… Which is a big deal, because 4-in-5 cases of cancer in men appear on the face, head, or neck.

One more fact about beards: They help soothe allergies. Just like the hairs inside our nose trap air pollutants that trigger allergies… A beard provides an extra layer of hair to snag pollutants before they reach our nose. However, like any other air filter, if you don’t keep your beard and moustache clean, it’ll cause allergy flare-ups.