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Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Curda says it’s a mild addiction. Because it stretches the fingers and joints, and relieves pressure that builds up – triggering a pleasant feeling… Like the relaxation you get after a nice stretch. And when something feels goodwe tend to repeat it… And we can get hooked on the feeling of relief and even the sound of the cracking itself.
The people who crack their knuckles the most tend to be people who use their hands for a living… Like writers, coders, surgeons, and artists. And physical therapist Dr. Scott Weiss says cracking the knuckles actually releases several pounds of pressure from the joints. Because, as you use your hands throughout the day, the muscles and joints tighten up.
And no, cracking your knuckles will NOT lead to arthritis. But over time, if you bend your fingers and hands to do the cracking, the cartilage in your joints can wear down. That’s why the safest and most effective way to release the gas in the joints you want to crack is to PULL them.