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First, you won’t typically get jet lag unless you cross two time zones. If you have a trip coming up that does, before leaving, start operating on the time zone to which you’re traveling. Get up and go to sleep at the correct hour for your destination – and plan your meals according to that schedule too.

If you can choose your seat on the flight, try for a window seat. That way, you can adjust the window shade depending on the direction you’re traveling. Get more light if you’re arriving during the dayclose the shade to reduce light exposure if you’ll be arriving at night.

Also in a window seat you’ll have an easier time sleeping. It’s easier to prop up a pillow next to the window – and you won’t have to get up every time your seatmates need the restroom.

Lastly, skip the in-flight movie. Watching a movie stimulates you more than it relaxes you. And can keep you from getting much-needed rest.