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Yes, but NOT because it helps our body recover faster. It’s because doing a cool-down makes us ENJOY our workout more. Kinesiologists from Iowa State University say people who do a cool-down remember their workouts as more pleasant than exercisers who don’t cool down. And it makes them more likely to continue working out. That’s because we tend to remember the LAST part of an experience more vividly than any other part. So if the last section of our workout was a feel-good cool-down session, we’ll think the ENTIRE workout was more pleasant. So what about any physical benefits? Well, doing a cool-down – say by walking after a run – can reduce the chances of dizziness or fainting. Because blood tends to pool in our lower extremities if we work out hard, and then stop cold. So spend 5 to 10 minutes doing an easier version of your workoutor some simple stretches – to get the mental and physical benefits.