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Well experts say be careful, because it may cause bald patches!

The hairstyle requires you to wear your hair tightly pulled back. And if you do that on a regular basis, it can lead to what’s called traction alopecia… Basically when something is pulling on your hair, it causes it to weaken at the root and fall out.

It won’t happen if you only wear that style once a week. But if it’s your go-to look 3 or 4 days a week… Or you wear your hair in a high ponytail to sleep or workout, that could be a problem. Because exercising and the constant motion can put even more strain on your hair. And sleeping with you hair that way can put a lot of friction on it as you toss and turn at night. So switch up the height of your ponytail. And experts say, if you wear your hair up to workout or sleep, make sure it’s in a loose ponytail.