DON’T use a cotton swab or blow dryer to dry them out! Dr. Steven Rauch, an ear, nose and throat doctor at Harvard Medical School, says digging too deep with a cotton swab could damage your eardrum… And blasting hot air could melt the wax, and plug up your hearing. Instead, he recommends rubbing alcohol. That’s because the tube-like canals in our ears are lined with oily skin that causes water drops to bead up – just like on a freshly-waxed car. And if you break the surface tension with alcohol, the water will run right out.
So, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, lie with the affected ear facing up, and squeeze a couple drops into your ear…
Then, sit up, and tip your ear toward the floor, so the liquid can drain out.
If that doesn’t work, visit an ear, nose and throat doctor. You can find one in your area at www.ENTnet.org.