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Here’s a quick list of foods sleep doctors say to avoid before bedtime – otherwise, they’ll keep you wide awake all night:

•First: Obviously anything with caffeine. Like soda, coffee, and chocolate – even coffee and chocolate ice cream. Would you believe a scoop of coffee ice cream has more caffeine than a can of cola or a cup of tea? Also, caffeine can linger in your system for up to 14 hours! And can increase the number of times you wake up at night, and decrease the total amount of sleep you get.

•Another food to avoid at bedtime? French fries – or anything fried and fatty. Research shows that high-fat foods push your digestive system into overdrive. Which can keep you awake.

•Finally, avoid really spicy foods. It’s not because they cause heartburn. It’s because they increase your core body temperature – and we need our body temperature to drop to achieve quality sleep.