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There’s a real danger we need to protect our kids and grandkids from: Getting thermal burns from hot playground equipment!

Every year, kids end up in the ER after getting scorched on metal slides or swings. But new statistics show that even playground equipment that’s NOT made of metal is responsible for one-third of all playground burns. Like with one boy in Texas, who slid down a plastic slide – and ended up in the ER with second-degree burns along the length of his back.

•When playground equipment was tested by ABC News, on an 80-degree day, the surface temperature of a metal slide was 126 degrees Fahrenheit… And paramedics say human skin begins to burn at 124 degrees.

Even worse than the slide was the playground’s blacktop – or asphalt playing surface – which was a roasting 132 degrees.

•And the rubber mats surrounding the playground equipment – which are designed to cushion a fall? They registered at 142 degrees – which is the same temperature as a fresh cup of hot coffee.