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We’re missing some of the benefits of lemon water, because we haven’t been making it the right way! That’s according to our friend, registered dietician Keri Glassman. She says, it’s not just about squeezing a couple lemon slices into hot or cold water… We need to grate in a half-teaspoon of lemon zest. The lemon rind has a lot more flavonoids – so we’re missing out if we don’t include it. So what can lemon water do for us? Keri Glassman says a glass or mug before breakfast not only helps us stay hydrated… It can also improve digestion and regulate our appetite. And nutritionist Dana James says the bitterness of the lemon activates our bile flow, which helps remove fat-soluble toxins from our system. So have lemon water first thing in the morning, but include some lemon zest.