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So here are 3 science-based ways to increase your exercise motivation…

•Start by telling yourself you only have to workout for 7 minutes. And if you want to give up after that, give yourself permission. But you probably won’t give up. That’s because it only takes 6 minutes for your body’s feel-good endorphins to kick in once you start working out.

•Listen to your gym playlist on the way to the gym. It stimulates the brain’s hippocampus – which is where we store our memories. And because you’re used to hearing those songs when you work out, it primes you to get in an exercise mood.

•Workout with someone who’s 40% more fit than you. In a study from Kansas State University, people who did that worked out harder and longer than they would have if they exercised alone. It works because we’re competitive by nature…We compare ourselves to others all the time – whether we’re aware of it or not. Plus, it also gives us a sense of camaraderie that’s motivating. So why 40%? Researchers say that’s a sweet spot where your workout buddy is good enough to inspire you – but not so out of your league that you can’t keep up.