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Thanksgiving is almost here. So, what are the benefits of giving thanks?

First: Giving thanks improves your physical health. People who keep gratitude journals tend to exercise an average of 33% MORE each week, and sleep 30 minutes more each night…That’s the word from psychology professor Dr. Robert Emmons. He says people who keep these journals also report more energy and vitality. The theory is that people who are aware of the blessings they already have in their lives don’t take their health for grantedThey want to maintain their health and improve it. They’re also better at managing stress, which improves their health.

And another reason to GIVE THANKS: It helps you cope with trauma. Painful memories are less likely to surface for people who are grateful – and they’re less intense when they do. Because if you’re focused on what’s good in your life right now, you’re better able to deal with negative emotions from your past.