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If you have to wait for a table – wait outside! Watching everyone chow down while you stand around makes you eat more! That’s because, while you’re waiting, you’re seeing and smelling food – and that stimulates your appetite. It even readies your digestive process!

Then, take a bathroom break right after you’re seated. After a crazy day at work, you’ll be downing margaritas and mozzarella sticks before you open the menu. Because when we’re frazzled, our instincts tell us to reach for high-fat comfort foods to soothe ourselves. That’s according to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. But taking a minute away from the table for deep breathing tricks the brain into thinking you’re relaxed – and when you’re calm, you’ll make better food choices.

Step 3: Know how to read the menu. “Succulent herb-crusted pork chops” sound good right? Well, the more descriptive the menu item is, the more likely we are to order it! And adjectives like “sizzling, creamy, rich and juicy” literally make our mouths water! But you’re less likely to be influenced just knowing this information.

The last step: Don’t order your dressing on the side! The serving of dressing the restaurant would normally put on your salad may look skimpy served separately, so they’ll send out more. That could add up to 200 more calories!