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If you adopt these, you’ll improve your life in just two weeks.

Dr. Oz’s first tip: Don’t pamper a bad back! Even if you’re in agony, staying in bed all day will only make it worse. Why? Because bed rest weakens muscles and prolongs your suffering. And get this! Married men suffer more than single men because their wives pamper them! The best solution is to take a pain reliever, get up, and get moving.

Tip #2: Don’t be an island. One major reason why women live longer than men is because they have more close friends and talk about what’s on their minds. If you face life’s stresses alone, you’ll make yourself old before your time.

#3: Save some money. That doesn’t sound like a health tip… But Dr. Oz says most people rank personal finance as their #1 stressor, usually because they feel powerless over the situation. But stress not only shortens your life, it drives people to bad habits like smoking, drinking and overeating. So take control. Keep some money in an account you NEVER touch. You’ll have money in the bank and an emotional comfort zone with major health benefits.