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• How about this one: You can’t swim after eating. That’s false. Years ago, medical experts thought it was dangerous to swim within an hour of eating… Because they believed digestion diverted blood away from muscles, and could lead to dangerous leg cramps. But today, even the American Red Cross says it’s OK to swim after eating.
• One more summer myth: Mayonnaise causes picnic poisoning. Again, that’s False. Mayo earned its bad rep back when people ate mayo they made at home… Because it contained raw eggs, which can be full of harmful bacteria. But today’s store-bought mayonnaise is pasteurized and sterile, so that’s not an issue. In fact, a recent study in the Journal of Food Protection found that professionally-made mayonnaise actually slows the growth of salmonella and other bacteria on food… Just keep in mind that all perishable food can spoil if it sits out for more than two hours.