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These come from brain expert, Dr. Cynthia Green – and her book “Your Best Brain Ever”…

She says, doing certain things for just 10-minutes a day can improve your cognitive performance overall – and your long-term brain health. So try these exercises to help increase your attention span and improve your thinking.

•Wear your watch upside down. It forces your brain to change its routine. It challenges you to process the information in a new way.

•Play Jacks. If you don’t know what jacks are, ask an old person – or Google it. It’s a game that requires fast action between your mind and movements. It forces you to stay focused and think flexibly.

•Doodle. Doing something that develops visual-cognitive skills taps into brain pathways most of us don’t use – because we’re usually reading or writing. So drawing or doodling develops another area of your brain that typically doesn’t get enough action.