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The first one is a staple in my kitchen: Peanut butter. A Harvard University study found that people who ate peanut butter twice a week lost more weight than those who didn’t. That’s because the monounsaturated fatty acids in peanut butter signal our digestive system to release a compound called O-E-A– which literally turns down our appetite, and turns up our metabolism.

Next are Dairy products. When we’re low on calcium, our bodies produce a hormone called calcitriol that triggers the production of fat cells. So, more of what we eat winds up on our waistline. And taking a calcium supplement isn’t the answer. Scientists still don’t know why, but people who have a glass of milk, or an ounce of low-fat cheese every day produce less fat-storing calcitriol than those who take calcium in pill form.

The last food that makes dieters smile: Chocolate… especially dark chocolate. Studies show that the food dieters crave most often, and most intensely, is chocolate. And since unsatisfied cravings lead to binge eating, occasionally indulging in chocolate can keep your eating in check, and leave you thousands of calories ahead. Just be sure to limit your serving size to one ounce… Which is equal to 6 Hershey’s kisses.