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Well, enjoyable for you, maybe not for the folks sitting near you.

The secret is: Bring along a snack that’s spicy and stinky. Like hot-n-spicy peanuts, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or a spicy chicken curry sandwich. A study by the German airline Lufthansa found that because of the dry airplane air, our nasal cavities dry out. That reduces our ability to detect sweet and salty flavors by about 30%. That’s why airline food tastes so bland. But eating something stinky and spicy will please your taste buds, and can thin out mucus, making your nose run and moisten your nasal passage.

As an added bonus, your moist nasal passages will help keep infections from entering your system…Because it makes your nose better at filtering out germs.

The guy in the seat next to you may hate you, but at least you’ll be more comfortable and infection free. Just don’t tell them the trick came from me.