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It’s summertime and that means we need to take extra precautions with our pets…Especially if you have a pug, bulldog, Persian cat – or a pet with a short, flat nose. They’re more susceptible to heatstroke because they have difficulty breathing. So know the heatstroke signs: heavy panting, agitation, glazed eyes, vomiting and a deep red or purple-colored tongue or gums. If your pet becomes overheated apply cold, wet towels or cool water to your pet’s head, the underside of the neck and chest and get to your veterinarian immediately! But NEVER immerse a pet in cold water or ice water! That constricts their blood vessels and delays cooling. In a study of dogs with heatstroke, 50% of the dogs died. However, 100% of the dogs that were given first aid at home and arrived at the veterinary hospital within 90 minutes of being found survived.