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One of the easiest ways to stay looking as young as possible is this: Avoid wrinkle-causing behaviors. For example:

Stop sleeping on your side. Squashing your skin against a pillow for 8 hours a night causes wrinkles on your cheeks, chin and chest. So, minimize any wrinkle formations by sleeping on your back. Or use a silk pillowcase. That way, if you do end up on your side – the material will slide across your skin instead of pulling on it.

Then, your morning commute could be prematurely aging you. Studies show that some of the sun’s most damaging rays can shine through your car windows – and your hands, forearms and face get the brunt of it. So, apply sunblock all over before you hop in the car.

And NOT wearing sunglasses can put you on the fast track to crow’s feet. That’s because squinting at the sun overworks the muscles that control facial expression around your eyes. So, wear glasses whenever you’re outside.