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A study found that eating the following foods just twice a week can significantly lower our risk of disease.


Healthy food #1: Kelp. Research shows that dried seaweed contains higher levels of protein, potassium, and magnesium than most land vegetables. The key is to buy kelp raised domestically – like from the Gulf Of Maine…… Because kelp from China, for example, has a higher risk for mercury contamination.

The 2nd healthy food to add to your shopping list: Coconut. Recent studies found that people who consumed high quantities of coconut products had lower rates of heart disease than those who rarely ate coconut. And it doesn’t matter what part you use……Because coconut “flesh” is a good source of fats and carbs – and coconut oil is a proven immunity booster.

One more healthy food: “Pure” maple syrup. Many health experts say we should be consuming less white sugar……And for an alternative sweetener, you can’t go wrong with maple syrup. It contains more than 50 compounds proven to fight cancer and heart disease. And you only need a small amount of it to sweeten coffee, oatmeal, or baked goods.