Here’s something to help you recover from an intense workout!


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If you’re beat up from an intense workout, make this drink to ease your aches and pains, re-hydrate and get some antioxidants: Grate a piece of fresh ginger – about the size of your thumb – into a mug. Top with boiling water. Steep for 5 minutes, strain and sweeten with honey.

Studies show that ginger can reduce pain by 25%. That’s because it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Embrace your daily errands! They might actually help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


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A University of Florida study found that people who did boring errands, like grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, folding the laundry, or picking up the dry cleaning were 91% less likely to see cognitive decline. Researchers say all those chores you’d never think of as exercise get your heart-rate up and make your blood vessels pump harder, which improves cardiovascular efficiency, and keeps all systems in your body running well, including your brain.

Snoring could be waking you up at night!


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It can cause “micro-arousals” – that repeatedly wake you up for a second or two. That prevents you from getting deep, restorative sleep. But there’s a fun way to combat the problem. Sing. In a study, people who sang every day for 20 minutes snored less and had deeper sleep. That’s because singing strengthens the muscles in the soft palate and upper throat – the ones that are the primary cause of snoring.

Want to boost your metabolism…


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…or just take off the chill when you come in from the cold? Get some cinnamon in your system! Studies show that the spice slightly boosts our body temperature from the inside out, and cranks our calorie burn. So sprinkle a dash on top of yogurt, a latte, apple slices, or bake it into cookies.

I have the secret to a more enjoyable airplane flight.


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Well, enjoyable for you, maybe not for the folks sitting near you.

The secret is: Bring along a snack that’s spicy and stinky. Like hot-n-spicy peanuts, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or a spicy chicken curry sandwich. A study by the German airline Lufthansa found that because of the dry airplane air, our nasal cavities dry out. That reduces our ability to detect sweet and salty flavors by about 30%. That’s why airline food tastes so bland. But eating something stinky and spicy will please your taste buds, and can thin out mucus, making your nose run and moisten your nasal passage.

As an added bonus, your moist nasal passages will help keep infections from entering your system…Because it makes your nose better at filtering out germs.

The guy in the seat next to you may hate you, but at least you’ll be more comfortable and infection free. Just don’t tell them the trick came from me.

If you desperately need a mid-afternoon nap, but don’t have time, try this instead:


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Lie on your back with your legs in the air or propped against the wall for 30 seconds. It may sound simple, but that one move will boost blood flow and oxygen to your brain, making you feel instantly more awake.

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Have a scratchy or sore throat?


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Try some oregano oil…It’s a natural sore throat remedy because it’s packed with antibiotic, anti-viral, and antiseptic properties.

In fact, experts say that oregano oil reduces throat inflammation and pain within 48 hours. It also makes the cells in the lining of your throat more resistant to viruses.

Simply mix 2 drops of oregano oil into 12 ounces of water and gargle two times daily.

You don’t need a spin class – or turbo kickboxing – or Cross Fit to get healthy and fit.


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Take a cue from the Okinawans – who don’t jog or take Zumba classes. They spend over 97% of their lives healthy, fit, energetic and disability-free. How? By making exercise a part of their life – not something they take an hour out to do. They walk to friends’ houses, they garden, they bike to the store. And for fun, they may do tai chi or go dancing. But they treat exercise as a normal part of their everyday life. That’s according to the book “The Okinawa Program” by geriatric physician Bradley Willcox.

Have you ever felt ravenous even though you’ve just eaten?


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It could be because of what you ate YESTERDAY. You know the feeling, you go to bed stuffed and wake up hungrier than ever. It’s NOT because your stomach has stretched out. Experts say it’s usually because we went on a starch spree the day before…And all that bread, potatoes, and pasta caused our blood sugar to go haywire. That tricks the brain into thinking we’re still not full. But meals full of vegetables, whole grains and lean protein won’t create the same effect.

Is it safe to own a cat if you’re pregnant?


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A lot of pregnant women with cats are told to avoid their animals and their litter boxes. That’s to protect them against toxoplasmosis – a cat‑borne infection that can cause birth defects, or miscarriages. But experts say you can relax…And go ahead and pet your cat.

A study at the Yale School of Medicine suggests there’s no need to worry about INDOOR cats…Because cats can only catch the disease from another infected cat, or from killing and eating infected wild animals. So, if they’re not going outside, you have nothing to worry about.


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