Are you “Hangry?”


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That’s a combination of hungry + angry.

And we’re more likely to feel angry when we’re hungry, like a cranky baby.

That’s because not eating for a while can cause levels of the happy hormone seratonin to drop, which makes it more difficult to regulate our emotions. So to stay on an even keel, never get to the point where you’re absolutely famished.

Do you eat iceberg lettuce?


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You’ve probably heard that iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value – but that’s not true. It can actually lower our cancer risk! That’s because it’s packed with vitamin K, a nutrient that targets pre-cancerous cells, and makes them inactive. And simply eating a few ounces of iceberg lettuce daily can help cut our cancer risk by 13%.

How does 30 minutes of exercise in the morning help insomnia at night?


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By reducing stress hormones throughout the day. Basically, we wake up because stress hormones are coursing through our bodies. But if you get some exercise in shortly afterward, it evens them out, giving you steady energy during the day and helping you unwind at night. In fact, Appalachian State University researchers found that morning exercisers significantly improved their quality of sleep, compared to those who worked out at 1pm or 7pm, and spent 75% MORE time in deep sleep, which is the most restorative kind.

It seems like there’s a new “superfood” in the news every week.


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But I have a list of superfoods that live up to their hype. These are the real deal… And according to certified nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin, they really do work to keep us healthy and help us lose weight:

Grass-fed beef. A recent Clemson University study found that, compared to grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is higher in nutrients… And it contains double the amount of a fatty acid called C-L-A. That’s important because C-L-A plays a key role in helping the body burn fat and build muscle. Meaning it helps us lose weight, and keep it off.

Wild-caught salmon. You’ve probably heard us talk about the omega-3s in wild-caught fish, that’s a fatty acid proven to boost heart and brain health. But salmon’s also a good source of selenium, a mineral that helps reduce inflammation.
That helps make our immune system stronger. Plus, studies show a strong link between higher levels of selenium and decreased anxiety and depression.

Raspberries. Blueberries may get all the attention, but raspberries are higher in fiber. In fact, one cup provides 8 grams of fiber, or about a-quarter of what most adults need for a full day. And a diet high in fiber helps keep our blood sugar level stable, which in turn, reduces our hunger and cravings, so we eat fewer calories.

How about a mood boost?


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…dust off your DVD collections, and watch one of your favorite movies.

Or watch that re-run of Seinfeld for the 10th time.

Studies suggest that people who watch old favorites on a regular basis are happier, more focused, and more motivated, even on the grayest, overcast day…compared to those who always watch something new.

That’s because already knowing what familiar characters are going to say lets your brain relax, which reduces tension, boosts your energy, and improves your mood.

Trying to watch your weight?


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Well here are a few surprising things that can cause weight gain:

•Drinking low fat milk. It sounds like one of the healthiest beverages…But a study found that people who drank skim and 1% milk gained more weight than whole milk drinkers. Researchers say it’s because the fat in whole milk and 2% milk makes us feel fuller – longer. So we’re less likely to overeat throughout the rest of the day.

•Eating with friends. Studies show that when we eat with one friend, we eat about 35% more than we eat on our own…With 3 friends, our calorie consumption triples. Dr. Brian Wansink is a nutritional science expert. And he says that we overeat with friends because we tend to stay at the table longer, because we’re enjoying ourselves, so we continue to pick at our food. We also mimic our friends’ ordering habits. So, if they order dessert, we’ll order dessert. How can we hang out with our friends WITHOUT overeating? Be the first to order. Studies show that we tend to copy the first person who orders, whether they get a salad, or a burger.

Have some eggs to prvent getting stressed out.


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If you have a stressful day ahead, eat eggs for breakfast. They contain choline, a nutrient that lowers levels of stress hormones.
Eggs also help release feel-good hormones, and those effects happen within minutes of eating them. That’s according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Improve your odds of surviving a car crash.


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These adjustments will lower your risk of being fatally injured in a car crash:

FirstTilt the steering wheel downward. This points the airbag at your breastbone, not your head. Most airbag-related injuries occur when the airbag deploys too close to the head, which can cause the neck to snap back.

AlsoSit with your chest at least 10 inches from the center of the steering wheel. If you sit too close, the airbag may strike you with excessive force in an accident…And to guard against whiplash, you should position the headrest to match the back of your head, not the back of your neck.

…and buckle your seat belt, of course!

Do you take off your shoes before entering your house?


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If you don’t, you really should start!
The soles of most shoes are covered with pesticides, brain-damaging lead, and at least 9 disease-causing organisms, like salmonella. Which means, wherever you walk, you’re leaving a trail of contaminants behind. That’s a big deal for families with kids crawling around, pets who live at floor level – and anyone who puts their shoes on the coffee table.

Will these things make you sick?


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Let’s start with kissing. The good news is, most viral infections seep in through your nose and eyes, not your mouth. In fact, the Journal of Infectious Diseases says only 8% of people typically get sick after smooching someone who has a cold. It’s actually safer to kiss someone with a cold than to shake their hand – and then rub your nose.

So, will staying in a hotel make you sick? You bet. If the person staying in the room the night before you was sick – a third of hotel room surfaces will be coated in illness-causing germs. That’s according to the University of Virginia School of Medicine. So, bring some sanitizing wipes and get to work on the light switch, TV remote, doorknobs and phone. Those areas are the least likely to be cleaned by housekeeping.

Do you need to toss your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold or flu? Nope. You can’t re-infect yourself. When you get sick, your immune system cranks out antibodies specific to the strain of virus you have. And those antibodies stick around to make sure you don’t get the same thing twice.


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