Reasons to Give Thanks…


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Thanksgiving is almost here. So, what are the benefits of giving thanks?

First: Giving thanks improves your physical health. People who keep gratitude journals tend to exercise an average of 33% MORE each week, and sleep 30 minutes more each night…That’s the word from psychology professor Dr. Robert Emmons. He says people who keep these journals also report more energy and vitality. The theory is that people who are aware of the blessings they already have in their lives don’t take their health for grantedThey want to maintain their health and improve it. They’re also better at managing stress, which improves their health.

And another reason to GIVE THANKS: It helps you cope with trauma. Painful memories are less likely to surface for people who are grateful – and they’re less intense when they do. Because if you’re focused on what’s good in your life right now, you’re better able to deal with negative emotions from your past.

Which is dirtier: your tub or the toilet?


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Studies show that the average tub contains more bacteria than a toilet! And in one study, researchers found staph bacteria, a common cause of serious skin infections, in 26% of bathtubs tested! That was compared to just 6% of garbage cans! Bathtubs also have 10 times the bacteria in a dog’s food bowl! So, at least once a week, spray your tub with disinfecting cleaner, scrub, and rinse.

Should you take your leftovers with you or leave them behind?


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Let’s say you went out to dinner and a movie…But you left your doggie bag from dinner in the car. Well, toss those leftovers in the trash when you get home! Your risk of a food-borne illness starts rising once food has been out more than 2 hours. And if the movie is 90-minutes – add in 15 minutes of previews – and the time it took for you to get from the restaurant to the movie theater…And then from the movie theater back home. All-in-all, the leftovers in your car have been sitting for more than 3 hours. Hello, food poisoning!

If you go straight home after dinner, your leftovers are fine. If not, don’t bother asking for a doggie bag.

Do people ever sneeze in their sleep?


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The answer is “NO.” According to neurobiologist Dr. Richard Wassersug, sneezing occurs when something irritates the nerve endings inside your nostrils. The nerves then send a message to your brain, which triggers a sneeze to eject the irritant. But if you’re asleep, your brain is relaxed…And the neurons that trigger a sneeze are turned off. However, Dr. Wassersug says if you happen to inhale something strong while you’re asleep – like a nose full of pepper, for example – your natural reaction will be to wake up firstand THEN sneeze.

Here’s why you should always make your bed.


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The simple act of making your bed in the morning can set you up for a better day. That’s according to happiness researcher Gretchen Rubin. She says it starts your day with a tiny – but realaccomplishment. And in a huge survey, 72% of bed-makers described themselves as happy, compared with only 62% of non-bed-makers. So, start your day with a win – make your bed.

Did you know that nutmeg fights stress?


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Sprinkle some nutmeg in your coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal or eggnog. It’s the perfect antidote to holiday stress! That’s because nutmeg is loaded with anxiety relievers like calcium and vitamin C. Plus it contains a compound called myristicin – which mimics the effects of antidepressants.

How to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome while driving!


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Did you know that gripping the steering wheel too tightly – or resting your wrists on the wheelraises your risk, of carpal tunnel syndrome? That’s according to pain management specialist, Dr. Helen Schilling.

Her suggestion: Wrap your fingers around the wheel, keep your wrists straight, and keep your arms and fingers relaxed to reduce the tension in your wrists and forearms.

Don’t get sick this season!


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To fight the flu, load up on cranberries: Cranberries have more antioxidants than other common fruits and vegetables. One serving has five times the amount in broccoli. Cranberries are also a natural probiotic, which means they enhance the good bacteria levels in your gut and protect you from foodborne illnesses.

Food safety at work


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Would you believe that 22% of office refrigerators are cleaned just once or twice a year? To keep your lunch from becoming a bacteria bomb, the American Dietetic Association recommends storing your food in an airtight container on the top shelfso nothing can drip on it.

It’s time for chicken soup!


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It’s not just an old wives tale! Chicken soup really is good for the common cold!

And here are 3 reasons why:

1. Chicken contains an amino acid that loosens mucus and improves respiratory function. So it’ll help you breathe easier

2. Veggies, like carrots and potatoes, boost your immunity – so you can fight off infection.

3. The broth can help clear your sinuses! Clear, thin fluids, like broth, thin out your mucus. Plus, staying hydrated helps your body fight infection. And warm fluids work best – because both the steam and the warmth can contribute to clearing the mucus, which will relieve your upper airway.


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