This Monday, September 15th, is a big day for our family!


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The new Intelligence For Your Life TV show debuts!
You can find local listings here:
We’ll be adding new stations all the time – so keep checking back.
The show features all the intel on topics that are important to you – and you get to see our family dynamic in action!

I can’t wait for you to see it!

Watch ‘Intelligence for Your Life’ on your TV, September 15th!


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Our new TV show launches on Monday, Sept. 15th.
Check out for a listing in your area.
Feel free to share the video below. I hope you enjoy it! We sure have a blast creating them for you.

Here’s one of the videos we created.
Are Search Engines Making Us Dumber?

Sniff some rosemary for a brain boost!


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Whether you’re taking a test or learning a new skill, the scent of rosemary activates enzymes in your brain, which help you think faster and more accurately.

Wondering why your neck hurts?


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It could be too much iPad time. Harvard researchers found that people who rested a tablet computer on their lap, or any flat surface, tended to tilt their neck at an awkward angle to see the screen better. Over time, that can lead to neck and shoulder pain. So if you’re using a tablet, prop it up at a 45° angle. The study found that that’s the ideal angle to avoid neck pain.

Here’s a way to trick yourself into eating less!


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Simply eat off of heavier plates, or use heavier utensils. Because when the plate or fork is heavy, we think we’re eating more, we think the food is more filling, and we feel full sooner. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

Can’t sleep? Try this!


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If you need to relieve your stress, say a prayer before bed! Researchers at Duke University found that saying prayers at bedtime is so effective at helping women relax, it can cut anxiety-triggered insomnia by 81%. And men, it couldn’t hurt to say a prayer now and then too. ;)

How to help STOP bad breath.


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Run your tongue along your teeth. If they don’t feel slippery, your mouth is too dry. That means bacteria can build-up and lead to bad breath. So, eat an apple or swish some water in there.

Need another reason to get a pet?


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You’ll have fewer sick days! Researchers at Purdue University found that people who are around animals every day feel healthier… They’re also 21 percent less likely to develop colds and flu.

That’s because daily exposure to small amounts of animal fur, feathers, and dander keeps your immune system primed… So it’s ready to zap invading viruses before they gain a foothold in your body. Our dog Lucy sure keeps us happy and healthy!

Keeping secrets can take a toll on our health.


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Psychologists found that people who kept secrets from their partners have higher rates of depression and even disease. That’s because keeping a secret adds stress to our life, and wears down our immune system.


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